sirius agendaWhat is SIRIUS:

SIRIUS is a network regarding the education of children and young people with migrant background. The Network focuses on the young generations of immigrant families, primarily those coming from non-European countries, but also ethnic minority groups.

SIRIUS Network promotes:

                    the universal right to education for all without discrimination;

                    a high quality public education for all people with a migrant background;

                    the school integration, by, among others, removing barriers at school for children and youths with a migrant background to reduce segregation and early school leaving;

                    a curriculum and teaching methods that are respectful of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity;

                    the inclusion of young adults and adults of all ages in lifelong learning activities.

The purpose of the Network is also to encourage inclusive policymaking so that governments, authorities, schools and communities take action to promote and implement policies and measures aimed at promoting equity and social justice in education, at improving educational opportunities, promoting social inclusion and fight against discrimination.

The Network has been created with the following objectives:

                    sharing resources and knowledge at national, regional and European levels, when there are relevant and internationally related to the Association’s aims and mission;

                    cooperating with other members of the network on joint projects;

                    contributing to further development of the common Association’s strategy;

                    disseminating and encouraging the use of materials and resources developed by the network and its members.

The Network does not serve commercial purposes and pursues non-profit purpose of international use.

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