Brussels, 27 October 2014: Business world mentoring in education – An asset to society

supreme mentoringLocation: Neth-ER office, rue d’Arlon 22, Brussels, Belgium

Date: 27 October 2014

Time: 14:00 – 17:00

The final SIRIUS stakeholder meeting on the issue of mentoring will take place in association with the SUPREME mentoring project that has been developed by a varied and strong partnership where 4 VETs, EU VET association, SME associations and policy makers work together to increase the cooperation between VETs and the world of work. The conference will allow participants to:

  • Learn about good practices in the field of preventing early school leaving and youth unemployment
  • Experience how mentoring binds education and industry on a European level
  • Explore state of the art mentoring results in European countries
  • Involve decision makers in order to secure the mentor methodology and the cooperation of industry and education in Europe
  • Receive their own copy of the Supreme mentoring manual and work and promo tools, as well as the European Network for Educational Support Projects Handbook on Mentoring and SIRIUS Policy Brief on Mentoring.

Thomas Huddleston (Migration Policy Group) will speak during the plenary session on “The added value of European cooperation in mentoring, to serve migrant youth“, after a number of other speakers who will have dealt with:

  • The added value of mentoring for youth (mr. Guydolph Dijkstra, mentee, mentor and studentmanager of MentorProgramma Friesland)
  • The added value of mentoring for business (mr. Philippe Vanrie, director of European Business and Innovation Network)
  • The added value of mentoring for education and government (mr. Veli Sarikaya, president of Provincial Directorate of National Education, Bursa, Turkey)
  • The added value of mentoring to society, in relation to corporate social responsibility (mr. Paul de Kuijer, liaison officer Shell International – to be confirmed)

Sarah Cooke O’Dowd (Migration Policy Group) and Ibrahim Elmaagac (NPoint) will make SIRIUS and ENESP information on mentoring for migrant youth available during the Roundtable sessions.

Download SUPREME mentoring conference programme

Download Supreme mentoring in Europe – background and partners

Registration and more information:

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. Please request attendance by sending an email to with your name, company/organisation/college.

For any further information on the project you can contact Ms. Szilvia Simon and Hendrik Jan Hoekstra Tel: (0031)58 284 2547 /

Involving the Practitioners in the Process of the Transfer of Knowledge

In parallel to Activity 1 we want to bring together people from a selected group of existing mentor-projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany – with three aims:

  1. To provide an occasion for them to meet each other for a transfer of knowledge in the sense of an exchange on good experiences and methodologies.
  2. To involve these experienced practitioners in the process of the transfer of knowledge to countries where the idea of mentoring will be developed. From their experience in building up these projects themselves: What would they provide in terms of information, tools and personal experiences, and who should be involved in starting these projects to make this transfer of knowledge effective?
  3. To jointly prepare kick off-meeting for a wider practitioners’ network in December.

Brochure on mentoring: Based on the input by the SIRIUS partners in the different countries, on the one side, and by the practitioners’ meeting in September we will prepare a brochure on mentoring, introducing the main concepts and presenting selected project descriptions with an emphasis on methodological issues and the transferability to other local and national contexts and groups.

The brochure will be made available in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, English, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Dutch, and German.

Initiating the Network of Practitioners

The aim of the September-meeting is to bring together a core group of practitioners for a discussion of the idea to launch an EU-network of practitioners within the SIRIUS process. Based on the outcomes of that discussion we will make a program for a kick off-meeting and ask one of the core group members to host it.

Through our SIRIUS-partners we will identify other practitioners in the different countries who would be interested in participating in this wider network. The idea is that the practitioners’ NGOs start running the network by themselves with a seed funding from SIRIUS in year 2.